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Mill Village Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Mill Village Farms leads a Youth Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with Village Launch. During this 10-week program, MVF Youth partners with our the entrepreneur community to learn the fundamentals of starting an entrepreneurial venture. Throughout the summer, youth team explores and creates a proposal for a start-up entrepreneurial project.

**_Are you ready to learn about starting and growing a business?_** Our Business Entrepreneurship Academy (BEA) class equips you to do just that. BEA is an engaging course that works on validating and expanding an individual’s business idea. Topics include market research, customer development, developing a business plan, financial planning, marketing, branding, social media, and more. The CO.STARTERS [curriculum]( has been used in around the world with great success. This phenomenal curriculum is only part of the BEA experience. We have dedicated facilitators, experienced guest speakers, and additional resources for those invested in the course. Our supportive and practical environment may be just what you need to get your business started or brought to the next level. Sign up today!
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June 17, 2021