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Economic Development and Corporate Training at Greenville Technical College

Economic Development and Corporate Training works with hundreds of Greenville County employers providing them with a multitude of services.

Our responsive team approach includes subject matter experts who can assess, design, develop and deliver business solutions, consulting, and training specific to your organization’s needs. This enables employers to remain competitive and their workforce to be prepared for change through education and training. ## Corporate Training Partnerships Find efficient and cost-effective ways to ensure employees have the training that meets the needs of today and tomorrow. **_[About our partnerships](** ## Customized Training Solutions We provide world-class training for business and industry. Whether you are in health care, law practices, financial institutions, hospitality, government, or manufacturing—our mission is to accelerate your potential. **_[About customized training](** ## Government Assistance We can connect businesses with a variety of government entities that may have grants, apprenticeship and training reimbursement opportunities available. **_[About assistance options](** ## Career Services We can help you quickly connect with qualified job candidates. Improve the quality of your applicant pool with graduates of accredited programs who have gained not only book knowledge but practical experience thanks to internships, co-op experiences, and more. **_[About career services](** ## Apprenticeships A registered apprenticeship is an employer-sponsored training program that produces highly skilled workers who meet workforce demands. We work with employers to provide access to this training toward earning a degree.
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