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City of Abbeville Vendor/Contractor Packet

The City of Abbeville appreciates its relationships with the vendors who allow us to conduct business with them. Quality services provided by each vendor ensure that the needs of the City’s residents are met efficiently and economically.

To ensure prompt payment for services rendered to the City, the following is required of each vendor before any work is begun: 1\. Purchase of a City of Abbeville business license (if service is performed within the City limits). A business license application is included with this packet or you can access the appropriate current application at our website at . 2\. Copy of State’s Contractor’s license (if applicable). 3\. A completed W-9 form including the vendor’s Tax Identification Number (TIN). Publication 1388 issued by the Internal Revenue Service requires that any trade or business that makes payments totaling $600 or more for the year to individuals or partnerships, who are not employees of the business, for services they performed for the business, should file Forms 1099-MISC with the IRS. Enclosed is a W-9 form for your convenience. 4\. A completed Hold Harmless Agreement. 5\. A copy of your Certificate of Insurance providing proof that your business carries Worker’s Compensation insurance. 
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