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A Gateway to International Trade: South Carolina & Europe Transportation Efficiencies

Join us for an overview of inbound and outbound transportation modes in South Carolina and the Netherlands, a gateway to Europe. From new capital investments and expansions to job creation, South Carolina and the Netherlands are consistently recognized for their successes with international business. From 2011 – 2019, foreign-based firms invested nearly $18 billion, creating 44, 000 new jobs in South Carolina. Across the pond, The Netherlands is the nineth-largest recipient of foreign investment in the world. Efficient trade and transportation networks are at the root of their successes.

_Our guest speakers will discuss different transport options on both sides of the Atlantic and explore how international companies can better exploit air, road, and water transportation infrastructure to optimize their businesses and improve their bottom line._ _Learn more about the newest transportation industry trends and their impact on bi-lateral trade. _Geared towards helping manufacturers better exploit transportation networks.
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March 9, 2021