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Union County Development Board

Since its inception in 1982, the Union County Development Board (UCDB) has successfully served Union County through the primary purpose of recruiting new industry, retaining existing industry, and creating new jobs and capital investment. In July of 2009, a new structure was approved marking a dramatic shift in the makeup of the UCDB to serve the county moving forward. Today, we are an energized, progressive team of leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise in practical areas that positively impact economic development and growth. These areas include: public utilities, private utilities, industry, secondary education, post- secondary education, healthcare, finance and other professional occupations that impact industry recruitment and retention. While new industry recruitment is a primary goal, overall, the UCDB is the driving force for responsible growth across the county in all areas of economic development. We boast strong relationships—locally, regionally, and at the state level—that give us a strong competitive advantage as we position our varied strengths and attributes moving forward, both internally and externally. _The objective of the Union County Development Board is to promote sustainable economic growth and quality of life by: 1) recruiting targeted industries, 2) putting into place support mechanisms for retaining existing industry, 3) encouraging diverse business growth, and 4) improve internal and external communications._
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I love this Organization!
January 8th, 2020
They are so committed to helping entrepreneurs in Baltimore. Too bad this is a generic test comment - if you want to see the real ones from local entrepreneurs, make a profile!
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