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Tetramer Technologies, L.L.C. was formed as an Advanced Materials enterprise in 2001 near Clemson University. With backgrounds in organic, physical, polymer, and analytical chemistry, ceramic engineering, materials science, and chemical engineering, our scientists’ expertise in materials design, synthesis, analytics, and scale-up allows us to address a broad range of technical and market challenges. Tetramer performs [research](,  [development](, and [manufacturing]( of advanced materials and specialty chemicals, with an emphasis on the design of monomer and polymer molecular architectures to add value to our customers’ products. From low fat chocolate to laser weapons systems, Tetramer Molecular Architects work with our customers across a broad range of applications. Some of our current areas of emphasis include nanoparticle synthesis and dispersions for optical devices, polymeric membranes for a variety of applications including gas separation, fuel cells, electrolyzers and water vapor transport, environmentally acceptable lubricants created from plant-based oils, optical polymers, and high temperature fiber coatings. Tetramer’s partners come from a wide range of [Industries]( (from food to oil & gas) as well as [Defense and Energy]( sectors. We are passionate about helping [New Ventures]( accelerate new materials toward commercial success. We have walked through the challenges of materials development and our experience and existing infrastructure make us uniquely suited to serve our partners through all the stages of innovation and manufacturing.
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I love this Organization!
January 8th, 2020
They are so committed to helping entrepreneurs in Baltimore. Too bad this is a generic test comment - if you want to see the real ones from local entrepreneurs, make a profile!
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